• Attic Stairway Cover

    Attic Stairway Cover

    This easy-to-use, flexible and lightweight cover seals attic stairway openings year-round, blocking drafts and retaining room temperature.

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  • Socket Sealers® Insulating Seals

    Socket Sealers® Insulating Seals

    Designed to fit tightly behind the outlet or switch’s outer faceplate cover, this seal keeps are conditioned air in and outside air out.

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  • Foam Pipe Covers

    Foam Pipe Covers

    These self-sealing covers are great for insulating both hot and cold pipes, preventing them from winter freezing and summer sweating.

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  • HVAC Duct Sealing Tape

    HVAC Duct Sealing Tape

    This durable, heavy-duty tape combines the protective benefits of aluminum with the superior adhesive of Duck® brand duct tape.

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  • Duck® Air Deflector

    Air Deflector

    Use this deflector with central forced air heating and cooling vents to keep your home comfortable all year long.

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